Is LOCUS 18+? 

Yes, all venues are 18+. 

Can I still buy tickets? 

Yes! There are a few final release tickets available on Ticket Fairy right here

Where do I collect my wristband?

You can get your wristband at the first venue you arrive at, day or night. Bring your ticket PDF and ID, and you'll be issued with the correct wristband(s) for your entire festival stay.

Do I need ID? 

You will need ID that matches the name on your ticket. Please make sure this is valid, government issued photo ID. You will need to carry this at all times with you in Mexico. 

Do I need to prove I am a Mexican Resident to get a Locals Ticket?

You will need to provide proof that you are a resident in Mexico to be able to use a Locals ticket for entry to LOCUS. This can be: 

  • Residents’ Card
  • Proof of address 

I can’t come any more - how do I sell my ticket? 

The only valid way to complete the sale of your ticket is via Ticket Fairy Resale.  Tickets sold via other platforms are not valid and will not be valid for the buyer. 

For info on how to sell a ticket, please head to 

Will there be LOCUS merch? 

Yes! A very limited run of LOCUS 2023 t-shirts will be available to purchase on site. 

When should I plan to arrive and to leave? 

The music starts at 2pm on Thursday 2 March and ends around 6-7 am Monday 6 March.

We suggest you arrive on the 1 March, and take some time to get to know the area.  If you plan to leave no earlier than 6 March in the afternoon (but we might have a reason to stay that night as well… we are working on it!).