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Edwart Zermeño, who goes by the stage name Viewer, is a Mexican drum and bass producer and DJ. He has gained recognition for his unique style that blends together elements of deep, liquid, and techstep sub-genres of drum and bass music.

With a career spanning over a decade, Viewer has released numerous singles and EPs on various record labels including Delta 9 Recordings, Nurtured Beatz, and Onset Audio. He has also collaborated with other notable drum and bass artists such as Homemade Weapons and Ill_K.

In addition to his production work, Viewer has also performed at various events and festivals in Mexico and other countries, showcasing his dynamic mixing skills and energetic performances.

Overall, Viewer is a talented and versatile artist who has made a notable contribution to the drum and bass scene in Mexico and beyond.


  • Unsung Heroes 9 · 2022
  • Not Enough · 2022
  • Unsung Heroes 10 · 2022
  • Journey · 2022
  • Cold Beach · 2022
  • No More · 2022
  • Freebies · 2022
  • Rolf · 2022
  • Undercover · 2022