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Although first making a name for himself with his Jump Up production, Dutch producer Falco is focusing more on the darker side of Drum and Bass.

His projects can be found on labels such as Dubstomp 2 Bass, Underground Major Audio, Storno Beatz Recordings, Raw Motion Records, Lickwood & Gunshot, Stickybass Records, Kevlar Beats and more to come.

These projects have led to support from many DJ’s throughout the world and an appearance on Spotify’s hugely popular Bass Arcade playlist. Many projects are on the schedule, so keep an eye out for his future releases!


  • Amazing Mix · 2018
  • Angel Mix · 2013
  • Any Moment Mix · 2008
  • Believe It · 2020
  • Bhogavati Mix · 2012
  • Blackeye Remix · 2022