Don Darkoe

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Don Darkoe

An emerging force in the drum and bass scene, began his musical journey rooted in trap music before transitioning into drum and bass. Known for his unique blend of Australian jump-up DnB with catchy melodies and distorted riffs, Don Darkoe quickly made a name for himself.

His debut performance in late 2022 at Jack Rabbit Slim's in Perth set the stage for subsequent shows at major venues. In 2023, his bootlegs consistently reached the Top 10 on Hypeddit's Drum and Bass charts, bolstered by viral videos that expanded his following.


  • Sandstorm (Remix) · 2023
  • SAY WOAH (Remix) · 2023
  • Delicious Fairy Dust · 2024
  • Spectrum · 2024
  • Rebel's Call · 2024