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Alley Cat

Alley Cat’s life has always been surrounded by music. Having a gift for playing clarinet and saxophone, she later also dabbled in piano and guitar.

Her ability to read music and an obsession for seeing live bands from an early age meant that Alley has a superbly diverse musical background.

Originally from San Francisco, Alley Cat experienced a vast array of electronic music and watch drum & bass evolve from there. Moving to London a decade ago provided further education in drum & bass.


  • I'm No Juvenile Deliquen · 1993
  • Payload (Konflict Remix) · 2000
  • Captive / Free! · 2001
  • Sweet Spot · 2009
  • Purple Clouds · 2010
  • Crowd Control ‎Mix · 2002
  • The ESP Agency Mix · 2006